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Welcome to the World of Nyamarest, the fantasy world that is the setting of my Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaign. Availables Classes and Player Races, as well as Backgrounds.

The Known World

Nyamarest consists of one main landmass, with one large ocean split into several seas by a large central island, Knolm Island and several other small islands. Nyamarest is split between several kingdoms, both small and large, mostly occupying coastal areas due to the lack of fresh drinking waters on the main landmass of Nyamarest, with Naeser-Kadia being the furthest away from the ocean.

State of the World

Nyamarest is a low-magical setting world, where both magic and the world's sustainability are on the decline due to the world slowly drying up. Technology wise, Nyamarest is a typical pre-gunpowder medieval setting, where sieges are carried out with rams, catapults and trebuchets or high elf Evocation wizard bombardments, or stone giant batterings!

Current Adventuring Party (2435 A.G.)

The current party is made up of 10 player characters:



Latest activity

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